Keep an eye on your health, e.g. using our blood pressure monitors and clinical thermometers.



Transform your home into your own personal beauty salon. Our range includes facial brushes, manicure/pedicure devices and hair removal devices.



Alleviate respiratory diseases, pain in the musculoskeletal system or periods of tension through the targeted use of Sanitas therapy products.



Keep an eye on your weight and, in turn, your health. Look no further than our glass diagnostic scales and diagnostic bathroom scales.



Here you will find spare parts for baby products.



Sanitas… healthy from head to toe

“Sanitas” is the Latin word for “health”. You can monitor your health at home with our products such as blood pressure monitors for the upper arm and the wrist, clinical thermometers, forehead thermometers as well as ear thermometers, and boost your well-being with infrared lamps and nebulisers. In addition to traditional glass bathroom scales, the range of personal bathroom scales also includes diagnostic bathroom scales, which can be used to determine body fat and body water content, for example, in addition to weight.

Our wellness products complement the range and provide you with well-earned relaxation through a wealth of heat products such as heat pads, foot warmers, heated overblankets, heated underblankets, and electric blankets and massage products.

Our range is rounded off by heart rate monitors, manicure/pedicure devices for foot and nail care, EMS/TENS devices for electrostimulation and matching accessories.

Sanitas… healthy from head to toe -